The MLN FAB50 is an annual movement and talent ranking by the editorial board of Minor League News (MLN) at MLN Sports. MLN publishes a baseball FAB50 in July and a Hockey FAB50 in February annually in their online feature magazine [MLN Sports Zone (SZ)].

Players are ranked for both their talent and their ability to move within their organization to the majors. They are also "reality curved" for other intangibles like management good will, maturity issues, bonus signing money and emotional or social problems that may either slow down, or advance beyond their skills, particular players.

In some cases, the fast-track of the club will supercede tools evaluations, which often puts players that stat or sabermetric purists cannot abide into a major league uniform. MLN year-round builds information from the front offices, scouts, coaches, GMs, and other sources in the know, along with a talented staff of writers, photographers, and layout artists, to generate 55 pages of high quality feature stories on the top players on the fast-track to the major leagues.

The list has compared favorably to Baseball America's talent rosters. In 2005 and 2006, BA picked Delmon Young as No. 1. Seattle's Felix Hernandez was the FAB50 No. 1 in 2005, and Stephen Drew of the Arizona Diamondbacks was No. 1 in 2006. Both tracked to the majors, while Young languished in the minors with emotional issues.

SZ was the first true electronic magazine for sports, with a cover and magazine format layout. Since 2000 it has been the oldest continuously running magazine on minor league and independent professional sports.


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