Founded in 2000, Minor League News (MLN), is the oldest dedicated minor league an d independent sports publisher in the world.

MLN Sports Group LLC was the first company to debut an electronic magazine in sports, with a cover and a magazine style layout. That magazine, originally titled "Minor League News" evolved into [MLN Sports Zone (SZ)] in 2003, the first publication that covered exclusively minor baseball, hockey, basketball and football. Today, spanning 865+ teams and thousands of players, SZ showcases the work of some of the best journalists and photographers in sports.

Filling in a gap in national newswire coverage, MLN Sports rolled out [MLN - The Raw Feed (2003)], the first RSS-based minor league and indy sports newswire, which is now a staple of news readers from Google to MSN in that niche of sports publishing.

In 2004, the company sponsored one of the first sports wikis outside of the Wikipedia, the [Open Source Sports Directory], which just celebrated its third anniversary by moving to the Wikia network, which also hosts armchairgm.

In 2006 MLN debuted the first sports critics publication dedicated to the minors, [The MAJOR BLOGS of Minor League News]

MLN Sports puts out four publications, the MLN FAB50 in baseball and hockey, and dozens of articles and thousands of releases from hundreds of teams to more than a million unique readers annually.

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