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Pelfrey has a tremendous fastball that has sink and works in the 92-97 range, and maintains its velocity -- Pelfrey had been clocked at 96 in the late innings of complete game during the 2005 season in which he threw 100+ pitches when pitching for Wichita State.

His control with his fastball is above-average and has been said to have near-flawless mechanics. Former Mets scouting director Russ Bove one said that Pelfrey is "one of the few guys in the aluminum-bat era who gets people out with his fastball. Ben Sheets is another guy who could do that."

Pelfrey's repetoire also contains a changeup and a curveball. Both are in development; his changeup is further along than his curveball to becoming a plus pitch and could end up being the key for him. His timetable to reach the majors is almost directly a function of the quickness with which he can develop a second (and third) pitch.

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YearTeamClassPositionUniform No.
2007New Orleans ZephyrsAAARHP 

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MLN No.: MLNPN0000024428

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